Note: Abner Hill 1785-1847) was John Morgan Minter's (1792-1856) maternal grandfather.

Greetings fellow Hill researchers and friends,

Some of you know that I’ve been working on this research on Abner Hill for a long time.  I first found Abner Hill when I started doing genealogy research in 1975 in Robert Hill’s will in Halifax County - 1765 and in Chatham County records.  Now, after 38 years, I find it’s time to roll out all his data.  It’s only because of a lot of help from many of you receiving this email that I was able to complete this research.  I thank you so much for your help.

Some of you may or may not agree with all of my conclusions and findings, but I’ve supported it with original documentation, 376 footnotes, and years of data analysis.  In my opinion, there comes a time when you’ve analyzed all the data that can be found, that it’s time to write it up.  I’d hate for my years of research to just sit unused while looking for that “one more document” that may or may not exist.

When I found out that Abner Hill actually moved from Chatham County, NC to Wilkes County, GA and died there, I felt like I had accomplished a great deal.  Then, I found out he had a will, which unfortunately didn’t survive a fire, but the index to the will book did.  And, two pages of his estate papers did survive, and they are included in the book along with the will index showing Robert and Thomas Hill as his executors.

Those persons in Group 8 on the site are all related through the common ancestry of Robert and Tabitha Hill.  I’m fairly certain I know how each person in group 8 are related. So, this research supports the DNA data on that site and the DNA data supports this research.

This book is available in electronic eBook format only for $9.95 from  You can go to my web site and link to Amazon or you can go direct to Amazon at .  The link on Amazon gives you a preview of the first several chapters on their “click to look inside” function.  If you don’t have a Kindle reader, iPad, or some other mobile device that allows you to read an eBook, you can download the “Kindle for PC” or “Kindle for Mac” software free and read the book on your computer. I hope you’ll look at the “click to look inside” portion even if you’re not interested in the eBook.

You’ll find some new information you’ve never seen before; I guarantee it.  To my knowledge, there’s never been a compiled book focusing on the life of Abner Hill and his descendants.  I hope you’ll enjoy the data.


Jerry McDowell>