Robbie Lee (Minter) McLarry: Superchick

By Stephanie (Mattison) Cain
November 22,  1999

Yesterday Mom and I had a long conversation. We talked about her garden mostly. Grandmother was, apparently, an avid gardner, and she was willing to take on challenges that I would never think of . . . like growing white popcorn from the kernels in a Jolly Time Popcorn package. She also developed a way of starting her tomato plants early. She made a "hot frame," and she kept it in the pump house.

Mom and I also talked about hog butchering day, which, according to Mom, usually came
about this time of year -- after the first freeze. Not only was slaughtering and butchering a
hog a major piece of work, but most of it had to be done in one day, including making

And, all of this work was done in freezing cold, often with sleet/or spitting rain. The next
day Grandmother would put a sugar/salt cure on the hams. The hog fat was melted for
lard, and, later in the week, she would make soap from the lard.

The woman was amazing! I miss her more and more as I grow older.

Stephanie is a granddaughter of Robbie Lee (Minter) McLarry (b.?-d.?). Robbie Lee, who married Guy McLarry, is the daughter of Brice Anthny and Myra Lee (Walters) Minter